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Presenting our exclusive  Wildlife Coasters™,  our best-selling aspen coaster series for those seeking original, eco-conscious artwork that adds flare to every day! 


Wildlife Coasters™Don't mistake our Wildlife Coasters™ for run-of-the-mill, mass produced, generic laser burned coasters. We utilize a unique technique that requires burning each design by hand in a four step process. Each coaster is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Our method ensures that each piece is imbued with individuality and superior craftsmanship. The difference is palpable, the quality speaks for itself.


With a food-safe finish, these coasters not only serve as functional pieces but also make a striking statement in any home or cabin. Elevate your story  with our series of deluxe handcrafted coasters.


Design Options

Wildlife Coasters™: 

Mama Bear, Bear, Baby Bear, Buffalo, Moose, Elk, Trout, Hawk, Beaver, Jumping Fox, Kit Fox, Wolf



Handmade | Wildlife Coasters | Organic

  • Diameter | 4.25"-5"

    Thickness | Approximately .7"

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